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Attention: Gun Owners And Concealed Carry Holders   

How To Gain An Unfair Advantage During A Violent Attack Without Spending $10,000… 

 Make Sure Your Sound Is On

My life flashed before my eyes when I realized that my arm was blood.

All I could hear was my wife crying, and the voice of a man screaming “GET OFF OF HIM” “GET THE KNIFE… GET THE KNIFE…” 

My Private range student shared this real story with me during a private shooting course, and this story shook me to the core. 

It all started when Doug met his wife Candice at an event at their local church. Doug and Candice quickly fell in love and got married.

However, there was a problem. Candice had two children from a previous marriage, and her ex-husband Rick was crazy. 

Doug tried his best to be pleasant and avoid conflict with Rick for years.

One day, Rick stopped by the house to pick up his children for the weekend. Doug decided that it was best to stay inside to avoid a potential confrontation. 

Suddenly Doug could hear screaming coming from the front yard, so he ran up the window to see what was happening, and that’s when he watched as Rick raised his arm into the air and slapped Cadence in the face. 

I want you to imagine the rage and anger that Doug was filled with as he watched this man brutally hit his wife. So Doug did what every respectable man would do. He charged outside to defend his wife from her violent ex-husband. 

But what happened next would change Doug’s life forever. When Doug ran outside, Rick pulled out a knife and threatened to stab him. 

“I’LL F@*CK YOU UP…” Rick screamed as he wildly waved his knife around like a mad man. 
Doug immediately knew that his only option was to stop Rick before someone was seriously injured or killed. 

Doug reached for his waistband, where he had a Glock 19 concealed in the appendix position, and grabbed his pistol. However, when he attempted to pull his firearm out of the holster, he realized he had a problem. The gun was stuck on his t-shirt, leaving Doug extremely vulnerable to being stabbed. 

Rick violently slashed Doug’s stomach leaving an 8” gash in his flesh. Then Rick plugged the knife deep into Doug’s arm, narrowly missing the artery. 

“My life flashed before my eyes when I realized that my stomach was cut wide open and covered in blood… All I could hear was the sound of my wife crying… And then I woke up in the hospital…” 

I met Doug a few months after this incident, and I saw the scars with my own eyes. The scare was so big that it stretched from one side of Doug’s torso to the other. Frankly, I’m surprised he is still alive. 

During this incident, Doug made three massive mistakes. 

Mistake #1:
Going To The Gun Range Is Not Training For A Violent Attack

For years Doug had been target shooting at the range by himself with no plan, having the false belief that this would prepare him for a violent attack. However, shooting a piece of paper does not prepare you for the violence of a real-life attack. 

Mistake #2:
Doug Did Not Know How To Remove His Firearm From Concealment Without Getting Tangled In His Clothing

This type of training is like installing a wheel on your car without tightening the lug nuts. Eventually, you will pay the price. Doug had practiced removing his firearm from concealment in the past but hit never practiced this skill consistently or flawlessly. 

Mistake #3:

Doug Failed To Develop His Skills On A Subconscious Level

Many gun owners believe that if they have a gun and a concealed carry permit, they will be able to use the weapon at a high level during a violent attack. 

Just like buying a guitar doesn't make you a rock star, owning a gun doesn't automatically make you a skilled shooter.

In fact, 99% of gun owners are like Doug, burying their heads in the sand and hoping for the best. This kind of thinking is not only foolish, it's dangerous.

Think of it this way: would you put a 15-year-old behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and tell them to merge onto the freeway at 80 miles per hour their first time driving? Of course not!

The same principle applies to shooting.

You need to start with the fundamentals, and that means consistent, deliberate, and perfect practice in a safe and controlled environment.

Luckily, there is a solution for gun owners who want to take their shooting skills to the next level. By mastering the fundamentals of advanced pistol shooting, you can gain an unfair advantage and avoid becoming a helpless unprepared victim like Doug.

The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge

Unlock The Secret To Gaining An Unfair Advantage During An Attack In 21 Days Or Less… 

With this a revolutionary training system that is helping thousands of gun owners develop advanced shooting skills so that they can gain an unfair advantage over an attacker, manipulate their firearm on a subconscious level and make faster, more accurate shots in 21 days or less. 

21 Dry Fire Drills So You Can Gain The Skills To STOP a Violent Attack!

Most courses that teach practice drills, techniques, and methods tell you what to practice but they never tell you how to practice. In order to get the best results possible, in the shortest time frame, you must know how to practice.  

In my 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge, I’ll tell you exactly how to practice so it’s burned into your brain faster and becomes automatic…even under pressure. It will become a subconscious instinct.

With My Revolutionary 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge

You'll Be Prepared For Any Violent Self Defense Situation From the Comfort of Your Home...In Your Spare Time.


Here’s A Few Of The Life-Saving Techniques

You’ll Discover In This Simple Yet Comprehensive Course

✅ ​The shooting position that has many strategic and practical advantages. You’ll learn to incorporate this position as one of your foundational positions that signals your brain that you have not identified an immediate threat.

​✅ One of the secrets to consistent accuracy lies in pressing the trigger. This drill will show you how to achieve the perfect trigger press that will keep your groups tight…even during a high pressure situation.

​✅ Instinctively hit your target from 9 to 15 ft away without ever using your sights. Your brain will want to keep your eyes on the threat not your sights. It’s critical to gain this skill so you’re prepared for a violent attack.

​✅ Precision shooting using your sights. Sight Picture - How to train and strengthen your eyes to achieve crystal clear focus on the most important aspects of the sight picture.

✅ ​Rapidly transition your focus exactly like you would if in a high pressure fast moving situation. You will take precision shots quickly.

​✅ 3 steps to nail multiple targets (threats) quickly. How to avoid the most common mistake shooters make that wastes time and causes you to miss your target. Make defensive shots more accurately and efficiently. 

​✅ The most common reload scenario in a self defense situation and how to master it. It could mean the difference between coming home alive…or dead.

​✅ Nothing else matters if your firearm is in the holster. Two most common concealed carry positions and how to master each one. Plus, the one common mistake that drastically increases your chances of an accident.

​✅ How to immediately get back in the fight if all you hear is a “click” when you pull the trigger. 

​✅ How to efficiently and instinctively clear a malfunction of your firearm without even thinking about it.

​✅ During a life or death attack staying in one place can get you killed. You’ll see exactly how to move and when to move so you can be ready to shoot while making yourself a difficult target.

✅ ​Many concealed carry holders remove their gun and put it somewhere like the center console every time they get into their vehicle - Discover the two reasons this is WRONG and learn how to have your firearm easily accessible while in your vehicle. 

​✅ It’s not always possible to have both hands free when you’re presented with a violent attack.

✅ How to quickly present your firearm one handed and fire while reducing felt recoil.

✅ How to quickly get on the threat from a one handed presentation. In a perfect world two handed presentation is best…but what if that’s not possible?

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Where you can ask questions, post your practice drills and view everyone's progress and get encouraged to keep going...

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Dry ire drills Facebook group
Facebook group dry fire drills
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Don't Take My Word For It...

See What Our Students Think About The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge

21 Dry Fire Training Drills Student Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Amazing!!! Very strong foundational training. Ryan is a great communicator and knows how to make each lesson fun and enjoyable." -Jose Asmar

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Even if you never picked up a pistol before, this course would be perfect. It starts from the most basic fundamentals and takes you through the skills needed to perform in a real situation. The key however, is doing the work consistently and exactly as Coach Ryan instructs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, will continue to train daily on the drills, and highly recommend it." -Joseph Yagar

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Awesome class! I'm doing the drills almost every day and I've been going to the range once a week. I am definitely seeing my accuracy improve each time at the range because of practicing the dry fire skills. Thanks so much for this class." -Ken Davis

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "New or experienced can benefit from this class. The fact that you are asked to video yourself has shown to me errors that I was making and the reviews I got from Ryan gave me another perspective to consider. Great class, should be taken by everyone." - Joe Conforti

Act Now and Receive These 5 Free Bonus Drills:

Dry fire drill demonstration

BONUS DRILL #1: The Bodies Natural Reactions

Straight from my Advanced Concealed Carry course. When you train to integrate your body's natural reactions into your dry fire training, you’ll truly be ready for anything that comes at you.

Ryan Thomas turn and present drill

BONUS DRILL #2: The Turn & Present

You’re walking down the street and you hear a loud bang behind you…this simple drill will help you naturally react so you can be ready to engage the threat.
Strong hand dry fire drill

BONUS DRILL #3: Strong Hand & Off Hand

This drill puts you among the 1% that can use a firearm with both hands if needed.  Neglect this training and you’ll be at a massive disadvantage should a violent attack occur.

Restaurant drill

BONUS DRILL #4: The Restaurant Drill

You're sitting in a restaurant having dinner with your spouse. As you’re scanning the room you notice a man enter holding a knife. You have a fraction of a second…what will you do?  This drill makes you fully prepared.
Transitioning two ands drill

BONUS DRILL #5: Transitioning Between Hands

You should spend most of your time training with your dominant hand. So why learn to transition between hands? You’ll discover two very good reasons that will increase your chances of survival.

Plus, If You Act Now I am Going To Ship You Our 21 Day Dry Fire Workbook and Training Kit FREE!

21 Day Dry fire challenge kit

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The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge Course...(Value $99)

Five Bonus Dry Fire Training Drills....(Value $49)​

Soft Cover Dry Fire Workbook...(Value $29)​

Front Sight Focus String...(Value $20)​

Grip & Trigger Finger Strengthening Egg.....(Value $10)​

Dry Fire Barrel Block...(Value $10)

5 ​Premium Aluminum Dummy Rounds...(Value $19)​

Two Dry Fire Training Paper Targets...(Value $5)

​Access to my Private Facebook Group...(Value $87)

**Life Time Access To The Course to Train Over and Over Again...(priceless)**

That's a Total Over $441 and

You're Only Going to Pay $87!

21 day dry fire challenge reviews
21 day dry fire challenge reviews
21 day dry fire challenge reviews

Don't Be Like 97% of People and Wait Until Something Happens Before They Take It Seriously

Order The 21 Day Fire Now To Get Instant Access and Start Practicing These Foundational Drills In Minutes...

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