Attention: New Gun Owners And First Time Shooters 

WARNING: Do You Want To Avoid Every Firearm Owner's Worst 😳 Nightmare…

(And Eliminate The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting?)

The Beginners Guide To Firearms™

Your Complete Guide To Becoming a Safe & Confident Firearms Owner...

Here's What's Included In The Beginners Guide To Firearms™

👉 One Hour Shooting Lesson

"How To Practice You're Shooting Skills At The Range Without The Fear Of Doing It On Your Own... "

Learning to shoot a firearm is like riding a bike. You can read dozens of books to learn how to ride a bike. But the only way to learn is to jump on the seat and start pedaling.

Learning to shoot is the same thing. We will be standing right next to you. Providing you with step-by-step guidance to ensure you are safe and having fun.

👉 The Beginners Guide To Firearms™

"Uncover the basics of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals from the comfort of your home... "

Going to the range is amazing, and you're going to learn a lot but let's be honest, you'll likely forget a lot too 😉

You may forget important stuff like; firearm safety rules, or what do do at the range. To make it super easy for you we've added all basics into our Beginners Guide To Firearms™course so you can rewatch it over and over again! 

Why Choose The Beginners Guide To Firearms™?

The Beginners Guide To Firearms™ is dramatically different from anything else you will find because I created this training specifically for first-time shooters who have little to no experience with firearms. 

You'll see the step-by-step process thousands of my students have used to gain the confidence to own, shoot and carry a concealed firearm. 

There's no fluff or fillers. It shows you precisely what to do, how, and why.

Plus, NRA Certified Instructor Ryan Thomas is going to be right there with you, walking you through each step of the process making sure you're learning the right way.

Here's a sneak peek at what you will learn Inside The Beginners Guide To Firearms;  

✅ How To Demonstrate The Seven Firearm Safety Rules Without Thinking, So You Can Prevent An Accident With Your Firearm...

✅ Learn Each Component of Your Handgun And How They Work Together, So Your Knowledge And Confidence Will Skyrocket... 

✅ Discover The One Thing You Can Do That Will Prevent 99% Of Firearm Accidents From Occurring, So That You Can Keep Yourself And Your Loved Ones Safe... 

✅ Master A Step-By-Step Process To Safely Load And Unload Your Firearm, So You Can Operate Your Firearm With Confidence That You Know Exactly What To Do And How To Do It...

✅ How To Identify And Fix The 3 Deadly Firearm Malfunctions, So You Can Avoid Making The Common Mistakes Most Gun Owners Make…


✅ How To Properly Perform The Eight Shooting Fundamentals, So You Can Shoot Your Firearm Safely, Accurately, And Have Fun At The Range… 

✅ How To Choose The Proper Ammunition For Your Firearm, And Avoid Making A Massive Mistake. Which Means You Will Be Able To Shoot At The Range With Confidence That You Know Which Ammunition To Buy.

✅ How To Avoid The 13 Biggest Mistakes Most Gun Owners Make At The Range, So You Can Stay Safe And Avoid Looking Like A Newbie… 

✅ The Secret Formula My Students Use To Quickly Understand What They Are Doing Right Or Wrong Simply By Looking At The Target, So You Can Rapidly Increase Your Shooting Skills...

✅ How To Safely Store Your Firearms From Children, This Means You Can Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones Are Safe…

The Beginners Guide To Firearms™ is your secret weapon to become a safe, responsible firearms owner. 

Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Our Students Have To Say…

These are testimonials from real students who have little to no experience with firearms. They wanted to learn the correct way to handle a firearm, so they signed up for Beginners Guide To Firearms™

Ben Mullis 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

Going into this course I thought I was pretty knowledgeable and knew the safety measures while handling a firearm, but I was wrong. This course opened my eyes to all the things I was doing wrong and never knew it. I feel much better after taking this course.

Anthony Clark 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

This course has helped me build confidence in gun safety! I am ready to start buying guns and can't wait to make it a full-time hobby and CC. This course provided valuable resources and easy to follow instructions. Thank you!!!

Eliza Pally 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

The course was exactly what I wanted and MORE!!!! Extremely detailed in his descriptions/explanations. The videos help to give you visuals and I feel comfortable in regards to owning a firearm, how it works and what to do. I can not wait to get to the range training.

Aaron DeWinter 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

This is such valuable in-depth training on firearm fundamentals and safety. This course should be required for anyone who has purchased a firearm before they go to the range or do anything with it!

Chris Paynic 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

The course kept me engaged and I learned that safety is the number one priority. I did not own a gun and went through the program and felt so confident that I purchased my first handgun and will go through the course again. I look forward to my one-hour lesson for more training on the lessons that were taught. Highly recommend this program.

Plus, When You Take Advantage of The Beginners Guide To Firearms™

I have Some Really Cool Bonuses For You...

How A Handgun Works

The Best Way To Overcome A Fear Of Firearms

Is To Understand How They Work…

(This Will Increase Your Confidence)

(Total Value $97)

Get This FREE When You Sign Take Sign Up For The Beginners Guide To Firearms Today!

Fast Track Shooting Fundamentals

How To Properly Perform The 8 Shooting Fundamentals, So That You Can Shoot Your Firearm Safely, Accurately And Have Fun At The Range… 

(Total Value $97)

Get This FREE When You Sign Up For The Beginners Guide To Firearms Today!

The Experts Guide To Kids and Guns

How To Keep Your Children Safe With Firearms In The Home...

(Total Value $197)

Get This FREE When You Sign Up For The Beginners Guide To Firearms Today!

The Right & Wrong Ammunition

How To Choose The Proper Ammunition For Your Firearm,

And Avoid Making A Massive Mistake… 

(Total Value $67)

Get This FREE When You Sign Up For The Beginners Guide To Firearms Today!

Firearm Defects & Malfunctions

Discover The 3 Critical Mistakes People Make That Cause

Deadly Firearm Malfunctions… 

(So That You Can Avoid Severe Injury Or Worse)

(Total Value $127)

Get This FREE When You Sign Up For The Beginners Guide To Firearms Today!

Here's Everything You're Going To Get

The Beginners Guide To Firearms™...............($97 Value)

One Hour At The Range..........................................($175 Value)

How A Handgun Works...........................................($97 Value)

Fast Track Shooting Fundamentals................($97 Value)

The Experts Guide To Kids & Guns...................($197 Value)

The Right & Wrong Ammunition......................($97 Value)

Avoid The 3 Deadly Malfunctions......................($97 Value)

Total Value of $861

You're Going To Get All This For Only 👉 $159

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Gun Range Located?

Range classes are held at 990 W. Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL by Appointment only.
Once you submit payment you will have access to the range appointment booking calendar.

When Do You Have Classes?

We have Beginners Guide To Firearms™ range classes available on Mondays at 12pm, Fridays at 5pm and Saturdays at 2pm.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

1. You must have a valid drivers license. If you have an  out of state driver license that is fine.

2. You must be a US Citizen or legal US resident.

3. If you already own a firearm we encourage you to bring it. If you don't own a firearm yet that's ok we will provide one for you at no additional cost. You will simply need to purchase the ammunition when you arrive. 

What Should I Wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing, long hair tied back in a ponytail, closed toed shoes, no low-cut tops and long sleeves are a great idea. Basically, the more covered skin the better! 

Do I need My Own Gun?

No, you do not need your own gun. If you have one, bring it with you, if not, one will be provided for you free of charge.

What's Included?

✅ One Hour Shooting Lesson At The Gun Range
✅ The Beginners Guide To Firearms Online Course

Plus You're Going To Get These 5 Bonuses...
🔥 Bonus #1: Handgun Mechanics Workshop
🔥 Bonus #2: Fast Track Shooting Fundamentals
🔥 Bonus #3: The Experts Guide To Kids & Guns
🔥 Bonus #4: The Right & Wrong Ammunition
🔥 Bonus #5: Firearm Defects & Malfunctions

Who Should Sign up for The Beginners Guide To Firearms™?

✅    Beginners & First Time Gun Owners...

✅    New Shooters Who Have Shot Less Than Ten Times...

✅    Anyone Who Has Never Had Professional Firearm Instruction...

✅    Anyone Who Wants To Have a Firearm In The Home For Self-Defense...
✅ Anyone Who Wants To Gain The Confidence and Skills To Safely Handle A Firearm.