Attention: New Gun Owners And First Time Shooters

Are You Scared To Have A Gun In The Home, BUT Know You Need The Ability To Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones?

Discover the Step-by-Step Process to Becoming a Safe, Responsible, and Confident Gun Owner and Avoid an Accidental Shooting...

👉 Even if you're Terrified of guns ANd have no idea where to start😰

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The 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge is a revolutionary training system that is helping thousands of gun owners develop advanced shooting skills so that they can gain an unfair advantage over an attacker, manipulate their firearm on a subconscious level and make faster, more accurate shots in 21 days or less. 

Something You Need To Know About Most Firearm Training Courses...

Most courses that teach practice drills, techniques, and methods tell you what to practice but they never tell you how to practice.
In order to get the best results possible, in the shortest time frame, you must know how to practice.  
In my 21 Day Dry Fire Challenge, I’ll tell you exactly how to practice so it’s burned into your brain faster and becomes automatic…even under pressure. It will become a subconscious instinct.


In this live training, you will discover the step-by-step process of becoming a SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and CONFIDENT firearms owner without fearing an accidental shooting, even if you are terrified of guns! A $397 Value For FREE Live on Wednesday, October 19th at 8pm.

In The FREE Class You're Going to Learn

✅ The 5 DEADLY MISTAKES People Make When Learning How To Shoot
✅ How I Wasted Thousands Of Dollars Learning The Wrong Way To Handle A Gun... (So That You Can Avoid Making The Same Mistake)
The Little Known Secret 90% Of Gun Owners Don’t Know… (This 1 Thing Will Eliminate Firearm Accidents)
✅ How To Safely Store Your Firearms From Children, This Means You Can Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones Are Safe…
✅ How To Gain The Confidence With A Firearm, So That You Know What To Do And How To Do It... 

✅ Plus, we will send you the training guides so you can practice these principles at home, and teach your children!

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Ryan G. Thomas

  • Founder Of Tampa Carry: The #1 Community and Training Company For Florida Gun Owners.

  • The #1 Go-To Industry Expert: On Florida Concealed Carry Law With Over 84,000 YouTube Subscribers.

  • Best Selling Author: “Florida Concealed Carry Law” and “Florida Concealed Carry Shoot or Don’t Shoot.” 

  • Voted Best Firearms Training: On YELP FIVE Years In A Row.

  • Helped Over 80,000 Students: Overcome Their Fear And Become Safe, Responsible, And Confident Firearms Owners.

  • ​In The Media: As seen on ABC Action News, Tampa Bay Times, WSTP Channel 10, Channel 8, NRATV and more.

"Ryan does not mince words on the important of safety and that is what I was looking for. He provides technical knowledge so you can understand exactly what to do."

William breier

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Still On The Fence? Here's What Our Students Are Saying... 

Chris Paynic  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The course kept me engaged and I learned that safety is the number one priority. I did not own a gun and went through the program and felt so confident that I purchased my first handgun and will go through the course again. I look forward to my one-hour lesson with Ryan for more training on the lessons that were taught. Highly recommend this program. 

Maureen Stasi  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I found this course very informative. I learned a lot! Now I can go to the range with Ryan!!! 

Anthony Clark  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This course has helped me build confidence in gun safety! I am ready to start buying guns and can't wait to make it a full time hobby and CC. This course provided valuable resources and easy to follow instructions. Thank you!!!

Ben Mullis  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Going into this course I thought I was pretty knowledgeable and knew the safety measures while handling a firearm, but I was wrong. This course opened my eyes to all the things I was doing wrong and never knew it. I feel much better after taking this course. 

Dear New Gun Owners, and First Time Shooters...

Recently I met a woman named Emily at the range for a private training session.

I always ask, "Why do you want to learn how to handle a firearm safely?" 

However, I wasn't prepared for her heartbreaking answer. 

"My best friend, Ashley, recently got her concealed carry permit. Last week, we were hanging out at my house for a girl's night. Ashley was excited about getting her new gun, and we all wanted to see it. It was tiny with a black top and a light blue bottom."

The gunshot was so loud that it was hard to understand what was happening... 

"When I looked over, I saw  our friend Jessica slumped over in her chair—gasping for air. I will never forget the terrified look in her eyes, it was the scariest moment of my life. It wasn't long before the gasping stopped and her head dropped into her chest..I want to learn the proper and safe way to handle a firearm so that something like this never happens again…." 

These women didn't think they needed to take professional training with a firearm; instead, they thought they would "figure it out on their own."

Thankfully I was able to help Emily become a safe, responsible and confident gun owner, even though she was terrified and had every reason to be…

Emily went from...

...terrified of firearms into a confident firearm owner...

....never owning or firing a gun to owning several firearms... 

....being unable to defend herself from a violent attack into a safe, responsible and confident gun owner.  

If you want to achieve the same results click the link below to join the 3-Day Stay Safe Sheepdog Challenge. 

The Stay Safe Sheepdog Challenge 

In This Live and Highly Interactive Challenge, You’re Going To Get The Answers And Strategies To Your Biggest Firearm Safety And Shooting Questions. 

⭐️ How do I know if I can learn how to handle a firearm safely? 
⭐️ How do I know which firearm is right for me?

⭐️ How do I stay safe while practicing with my firearm? 
⭐️ How do I build my skills to shoot a firearm accurately? 
⭐️ How do I stop jumping in fear when I shoot?
⭐️ How can I have firearms in the home safely with small children? 

⭐️What is the best way to begin practicing at home without worrying about an accident? 
⭐️ How can I overcome my fear of recoil or the kick-back when shooting?
⭐️ What caliber of firearm should I buy?

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Get exclusive access to this live training With Ryan valued at $397, Absolutely FREE!

The Stay Safe Sheepdog Challenge

Starts on Wednesday, October 19th, at 8pm

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