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Discover My Secret “Crawl, Walk, Run” Process That Eliminates The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting… 

(And Will Give You The Confidence Of An Expert In as Little as 6 Weeks...)

Could you imagine hiding in a closet with your six-month-old baby while a burglar was inside your home? 

(This is exactly what happened to one of my students a few months ago...)

From: Ryan G. Thomas

Where: Tampa, Florida 

Jose and Angela were the new parents of a six-month-old baby girl, Maria. 

One night while Jose was at work, Angela heard something strange near the front door. 

"I was too afraid to look out the window," so I called Jose.

"BANG! BANG! BANG!" I could hear slamming coming from the front door. 

"I ran into the baby's room, picked her up, and hid in the closet." 

"Someone is kicking in the door." she whispered to Jose as she held baby Maria tight.

"You have to grab the gun," Jose yelled to her... as the thoughts of what could happen to his wife and child began to run through his head. 

"I can't. I don't know how to use it." Angela whispered softly, in a defeated voice. 

It was too late….

…the wolf kicked in the door and was walking through the house.

Can you imagine the fear and anxiety Angela must have felt, hiding in the closet? Or the fear in Jose's mind knowing an attacker had just kicked in his door, was in his home with his wife and baby, and there was nothing he could do to stop it...

"I could hear the man walking through the house, opening drawers and breaking items. Then he was in the bedroom where we hid." Angela said as she shared her terrifying story with me during a concealed carry class.

Suddenly the closet door opened, and Angela was face to face with the wolf. 

"The man was dirty, he towered over me, with protruding eyes, and I will never forget the pungent smell."

Angela's mind was flooding with all of the possible things this evil man might do to her and baby Maria. 



...violent beating 

...or he might kill them both to prevent her from identifying him to the police. 

"My brain was flooded with all possible outcomes, and without thinking, I let out a powerful scream that sounded like a fierce roar of a lioness protecting her cubs." 

Shocked by Angela's violent scream and presence the home intruder ran out of the home. 

Angela never thought she needed to learn how to handle a firearm until she was face to face with an intruder. 

"I was unprepared, and I never want it to happen again. I have to be able to protect my daughter," Angela said 

Here's the bottom line...

Some people choose to pretend the wolf doesn't exist. They think that because they live in a nice neighborhood and stay out of trouble. They will be safe. These people are sheep, and when the wolf confronts them, they are paralyzed by fear. 

The second type of person knows that the wolf exists. So they develop their skills, knowledge, and mindset. So that they can protect their loved ones during a violent attack. 

So the question remains … are you an unprepared sheep or a Sheepdog ready to protect your flock? 

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

👉 Are you ready to overcome your fear of firearms?

👉 Do you want the skills to confidently defend yourself and your loved ones from a violent attack?

👉 Do you want to learn how to handle firearms without fearing an accidental shooting?

👉 Do you own a firearm but have no idea how to use?

👉 Do you want to buy a gun but are concerned about an accidental shooting?

👉 Do you want a firearm for personal defense but struggle to pull the slide back?

👉 Are you convinced you need a gun but aren't sure which firearm is right for you?

👉 Are you trying to figure out a way to keep your children safe with a gun in the home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I have something REALLY special for you… 

Introducing The

6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp 

“How To Become A Safe, Responsible And Confident Firearms Owner In 6-Weeks Or Less…”

The secret to becoming a safe, responsible, and confident firearms owner is a secret process I created called “Crawl, Walk, Run.” 

CRAWL: The first step is to develop the foundational mindset and knowledge to handle a firearm safely. This online training will lay the foundation we will build upon during the rest of the training.

WALK: Now that you’ve learned the strategy of safe gun handling, it's time to begin getting hands-on training. But instead of practicing with a real firearm, we are going to learn using a training pistol. This allows you to eliminate the risk so that you can reap all of the rewards. 

RUN: This is where the rubber meets the road, and we begin shooting real firearms. You will meet me at a local gun range for six (1-hour) shooting lessons. During each lesson, your skills will SKYROCKET, and so will your confidence.

Here's a sneak peek at what you will learn Inside

 The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp;

✅ How To Demonstrate The Seven Firearm Safety Rules Without Thinking, So You Can Prevent An Accident With Your Firearm...


✅ Learn Each Component of Your Handgun And How They Work Together, So That Your Knowledge And Confidence Will Skyrocket... 


✅ Discover The One Thing You Can Do That Will Prevent 99% Of Firearm Accidents From Occurring, So That You Can Keep Yourself And Your Loved Ones Safe... 


✅ Master A Step-By-Step Process To Safely Load And Unload Your Firearm, So That You Can Operate Your Firearm With Confidence That You Know Exactly What To Do And How To Do It...


✅ How To Identify And Fix The 3 Deadly Firearm Malfunctions, So That You Can Avoid Making The Common Mistakes Most Gun Owners Make…


✅ How To Properly Perform The Eight Shooting Fundamentals, So That You Can Shoot Your Firearm Safely, Accurately, And Have Fun At The Range… 


✅ How To Choose The Proper Ammunition For Your Firearm, And Avoid Making A Massive Mistake. Which Means You Will Be Able To Shoot At The Range With Confidence That You Know Which Ammunition To Buy.


✅ How To Avoid The 13 Biggest Mistakes Most Gun Owners Make At The Range, So That You Can Stay Safe And Avoid Looking Like A Newbie… 


✅ The Secret Formula My Students Use To Quickly Understand What They Are Doing Right Or Wrong Simply By Looking At The Target, So That You Can Rapidly Increase Your Shooting Skills...


✅ How To Safely Store Your Firearms From Children, This Means You Can Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones Are Safe…

This is only a fraction of what you will learn inside of The Sheepdog Bootcamp..

Who Am I?

My entire life, I planned to get a concealed carry permit the day I turned 21.

As that day drew near, I realized I might have a problem.

My wife was afraid to have a gun in the house around our kids.

Then early one July Sunday morning in Brandon FL, I was sitting in the back of my church when a man walked in who was acting very strange.

Immediately I knew that something was wrong; then, suddenly, a senior member of the church approached me and said: "Ryan, we think that man is an active shooter; I need you to run to the children's building, tell them what's happening, and secure the building…."

So I jumped up and ran next door.

I was terrified because my wife and eight-month-old daughter were in the children's building. 

When I arrived, I began loudly demanding, "Lock the doors…

I decided to guard the main entrance, an entire wall made out of glass.

"What am I going to do if this guy shoots the glass?" I thought to myself in extreme fear...

I began digging through some boxes and drawers to look for anything I could use as a weapon. Unfortunately, the only weapon I could find was a BIC pen. 


Standing next to the wall preparing for a fight to the death, I realized that I was wildly unprepared for a violent attack.  


After the incident, I decided to get my Florida concealed carry permit and purchase my first handgun. 

I knew that I needed to learn how to handle a firearm safely, but the mistake I made was that I tried to do it by myself...

I was afraid of making a mistake, and didn't know where to start.

Then one day, I walked into the range and noticed a man shooting, who immediately grabbed my attention.

You could tell he was a pro and knew exactly what he was doing, with confidence.

Mike and I became friends, and he was the first professional firearms instructor that I hired, and he changed my life. 


Over the next few years, Mike taught me the step-by-step process of perfectly performing each shooting fundamental....

Then I had an epiphany. The fastest way to rapidly increase my skills was to learn from an experienced guide who knew how to help me achieve my desired results. 


I didn't need to figure anything out. All I had to do was find an expert and listen to what they had to say. I can't believe how much time I wasted trying to "figure it out on my own" when Mike already knew the exact process I needed to follow. 


Then one day, Mike gave me some awful news. He was moving to Virginia. So I asked Mike, "Would it be ok if I shared some of the things you taught me with other people?" 


Thankfully he agreed. But I still had a problem. I knew that Mike's process worked for me, but would it work for other people? 

Over the next few months, I began teaching this process to my wife, friends, family members, and people from my church. 

And they all received the same result that I received. Their shooting abilities skyrocketed, and they were finally able to hit the target in the exact spot they were aiming. 

They felt safer and more confident handling a firearm. 


Over the last ten years, I have helped over 10,000 Floridians become safe, responsible, and confident firearms owners.

Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What Others Have To Say…

These are testimonials from people like you with little to no firearms experience. They wanted to learn the correct way to handle a firearm, so they signed up for The Beginners Guide To Firearm course.

“I never thought I would need to take a class to handle a firearm properly. 
The epiphany came to me after my first class. I realized that there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know and how training on your own can lead to bad habits. 
I’ve only been shooting with Ryan four times, so far, and my groupings are getting much better”

-Boris Grossman, Lakeland, FL.

"The level at which Ryan works with individuals, even though he has five or six people in the range at once, is impressive. 
He can immediately identify issues and works with people individually to solve their problems while at the same time training everyone else in the group. 
I've been really impressed with the classes, which is why I've attended 20 times."
 -Jonathan Oertle, Tampa, FL.

"I wanted to learn the proper way before purchasing a firearm and started carrying concealed.  I wanted to learn how to be safe with a firearm because you never know when something will happen, and I want to be prepared. It's why I wanted to actually do it. And maybe tomorrow there will be something going on, and then I'll be prepared."

Lis Jury, Orlando, FL.

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When You Take Advantage of The 6-Week Sheepdog Masterclass Today, You're Going to Get...


How To Become A Safe, Responsible, And Confident Firearm Owner In 6 Weeks Or Less… (Without The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting) 

You're going to get six (1 Hour) Shooting Lessons. So that you will be able to practice your shooting skills at the gun range with me without the fear of doing it on your own…

  • FREE targets

  • FREE gun rental (12 pistol test drive)

  • FREE eye protection

  • FREE ear protection

Value $4,997

Plus, I Have Some Really Cool Bonuses For You...

Bonus #1

30-Day Dry Fire Kick Start

Learn To Handle A Firearm Safely Without The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting… 

(Even If You’ve Never Touched A Firearm In The Past) 

(Value $997)

Do you remember when you were learning how to drive? Did your parents bring you to the freeway and say...

“Ok, I know this is your first time driving, but your gonna need to speed up to 75 MPH and merge into traffic... Be careful because one mistake could get everyone killed.”   Of course not because the risk is exceptionally high. 
Instead, they brought you to an empty parking lot so you could practice without the risk of driving on an open road.   This way, you receive all the benefits without the risks.   The same principle applies to learning how to shoot, which is why the 30-Day Dry Fire Kick Start is so important.   The 30-Day Dry Fire Kit Start is the pre-training to ensure you are ready for the 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp.   It will allow you to develop your skills in a controlled environment with less risk. So that you gain all the benefits without massive amounts of stress.

 Get This For FREE When You Invest In The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp Today! 

Bonus #2

Shock & Awe Training Kit

At Last! Everything You Need To Begin Training And Maintain Your Firearm 

(Without Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Buying Crap You Don’t Need…)

(Value $997)

Just imagine that you are preparing for a piano recital that will be held in two weeks. You head home, grab your clarinet and begin training. No matter how hard you train with that clarinet, your piano playing skills will not improve. 

For your dry fire training to be effective, you must use the same gear, or close to the same gear, that you would in real life. 

The Shock & Awe Training Kits include everything you need to increase your skills rapidly. 

  • Shooting Log book to track your progress at the range.

  • Pistol Test Drive log book; helps you document & choose the best firearm for you.

  • 30-Dry Fire Kick Start Work book with 28 of the most important drills you need to master.

  • Front Sight Focus String Helps You develop and Train Your Eyes to Shoot with Two Eyes Open.

  • Two Dry Fire Targets to practice drills at home.

  • Firearm Safety, Range Etiquette and Malfunction Training Flash Cards.

  • Grip Strengthening egg to Strengthen your grip. 

  • Fake training gun and dummy rounds to help you practice at home, without the risk of shooting yourself or a family member.

  • Barrel Block to visually turn your gun into an inoperable training gun. Taking away risk or a training accident.

  • Everything you need to clean and maintain your firearm properly.

 Get This For FREE When You Order The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp Today! 

Bonus #3

12 Pistol Test Drive

“How To Find The Right Gun For You Without Wasting Your Money On A Gun You Will Hate….” 

(This Will Save You A Lot Of Money And Frustration) 

(Value $1997)

Most people rush to buy a firearm only to discover they choose the wrong size, caliber, or type of firearm. 

I want to help you avoid making this massive mistake by allowing you to shoot the top 12 handguns in the world. 

This way, you can figure out which guns you like and which you don't before you invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You'll shoot 2 NEW guns each session and document how each firearm shoots and feels in your Shooting Log Book.

 Get This For FREE When You Order The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp Today! 

Bonus #4

 Handgun Cleaning Masterclass

Discover The 5 Deadly Mistakes Gun Owners Make When Cleaning A Handgun…

(And How You Can Avoid Making Them)

(Value $247)

Many years ago a man entered my gun store and asked me to inspect his concealed carry firearm. He then went on to tell me how he always carries his gun no matter where he goes. 
As I began looking at his firearm I realized it was rusted solid. Nothing about this firearm worked. For years this man thought he was carrying a firearm for self-defense and really he had a chunk of worthless metal. 
The Handgun Cleaning Masterclass is exactly what every gun owner needs to know to clean & maintain their firearms.

  • The Step-By-Step Process I Use To Eliminate An Accident While Cleaning My Handguns, So That You Can Rest Assured You And Your Loved Ones Are Safe… 

  • How To Take Your Handgun Apart And Put It Back Together, So That You Know Your Handgun Is Going To Function Properly…

  • How To Clean Your Handgun, So That You Can Count On It Working In a Violent Attack… 

  • All the tools, and cleaners you need to keep your firearms working and rust free (inside the Shock & Awe Box!)

 Get This For FREE When You Order The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp Today! 

Bonus #5

🤯 Double Your Range Classes...WHAT? WHAT!?!

What's The Secret To Moving From Zero To Hero Extremely Fast? (More Time on The Range) 

(Double Up and Get 12 Range Classes Instead of 6)

(Value $4550)

I wanted to make this offer SO irresistible that you would be CRAZY to say no… 

When you invest in the 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp today, you will receive 

DOUBLE The Range classes...So instead of just 6 Classes, you're going to get 12 (1-Hour) Range Classes.

This is a LIMITED TIME Offer...

 Get This For FREE When You Order The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp Today! 

Join Today, And You’re 100% Covered By Our 

“You’ve Gotta Be Crazy”


I believe in the Sheepdog Bootcamp and the results it delivers 1000%

If you’re willing to commit to doing the work, I am willing to back you with a full Money Back Guarantee!

Complete the 30-Day Kickstart, Complete the Six 1-Hour range classes and if don't feel like a safe, responsible and confident firearm owner like I promised, I will refund 100% of your money. No hassle, no funny business. 


Take Advantage of The Sheepdog 6-Week Bootcamp

  • The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp ($4,997 Value)

  • 30-Day Dry Fire Kick Start ($997 Value)

  • 12 Pistol Test Drive ($1997 Value)

  • Handgun Cleaning Masterclass ($247 Value)

  • Shock & Awe Training Kit ($997 Value)

  • Double Range Training Get 12 classes instead of 6 ($4,550 Value)

A Total Value Of Over $12,785

Get Started Today for As Little As 12 Monthly Installments $97 or 

A One-Time Investment Of ONLY $997 

TIME-SENSITIVE: Enrollment to The The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp closes after we reach capacity. Register today so you don't miss out on $12,785 worth of Value!

  •  I hope you join, I know you're ready for it!

  • ​I believe you can do this, and I hope you know it too.

  • ​I know we will all benefit from having you a trained and responsible gun owner.

I Have To Be Honest...

We Can't Allow Everyone to Join

See, in order for us to deliver as much value as possible without feeling “stretched thin,”... we have to keep the Sheepdog Bootcamp small.

This means I will only be allowing 27 people to join per year.

Last Year, we sold out within a few minutes, I expect the 27 spots to fill up extremely fast again this year.

If this page is still live, the offer is still available, but It will be taken down as soon as we reach capacity. 

I urge you to act now before we are have to close enrollment.   Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy the training!   See you at the range, your friend, and fellow Sheepdog,

Ryan G. Thomas

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:  Over the years, I have helped over thousands of first-time shooters gain the confidence and skill to handle a firearm safely. 

I'm excited to introduce The 6-Week Sheepdog Bootcamp. You will learn how to shoot a firearm safely and accurately inside this powerful training. More importantly, your confidence when handling a gun will soar as you learn the step-by-step process that I have taught to thousands of first-time shooters over the last ten years.    This is a very limited offer because I only have enough time to shoot at the range with a few people each month. I am only allowing 27 people to take advantage of this special offer. 

The investment is $997 for instant access to the course, which includes twelve (1 hour) lessons at the range with me. 

I believe in the Sheepdog Bootcamp and the results it delivers 1000%. 
If you’re willing to commit to doing the work, I am willing to back you with a full Money Back Guarantee!

Complete the 30-Day Kickstart, Complete the Six 1-Hour range classes and if don't feel like a safe, responsible and confident firearm owner like I promised, I will refund 100% of your money. No hassle, no funny business.That means you have everything to gain and NOTHING TO LOSE. 


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Amazing!!! Very strong foundational training. Ryan is a great communicator and knows how to make each lesson fun and enjoyable.

Jose Asmar

See What Others Are Saying!

Even if you never picked up a pistol before, this course would be perfect. It starts from the most basic fundamentals and takes you through the skills needed to perform in a real situation. The key however, is doing the work consistently and exactly as Coach Ryan instructs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, will continue to train daily on the drills, and highly recommend it.

Joseph Yagar

need more proof?

See what others are saying about Ryan G. thomas

Ryan again delivers on what to expect, build confidence and knowledge. Great lesson!!!

Michael lee

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