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What to Consider When Looking for a Concealed Carry Class in Tampa

July 07, 20228 min read

If you're considering obtaining your Florida concealed carry permit in Tampa there are a few important  things I think you should know. 

What To Consider When Looking For A Concealed Carry Class In Tampa?

If you are looking for the BEST concealed carry class in Tampa these are the five things you should consider.

#1 Reputation

First is the reputation of the instructor for the concealed carry class in Tampa. Unfortunately,  becoming a firearms instructor is very easy and requires little training. This means the industry is filled with “fly-by-night” companies looking to make a quick buck. Typically, you will see them advertise for a low price and then rent a hotel conference room or something similar. You want a company who is established for a few reasons. 

First, your certificate doesn’t have to expire, but if you choose a “fly by night” company, once they go out of business (and they always do) your training certificate will no longer be valid. 

Second, if you should ever need a replacement certificate you want a company that is still around to simply reissue that to you. We have so many students from other instructors come to us because they could not get a copy of their original certificate from their last Instructor.

I have been teaching the Florida concealed carry course in Tampa for over 10 years and my company Tampa Carry has trained over 60,000 students. We are leaders in the industry with over two thousand five-star reviews. 

#2 Value 

Our goal is to provide our students with significantly more value than they pay for. We want our students to leave our courses saying “WOW, that was amazing” 

 Most firearms instructors provide a very generic concealed carry course in Tampa, while many courses don’t even meet the minimum Florida concealed carry class requirements

This leaves students lacking a deep understanding of what it means to carry a gun, how to follow the law and avoid prison. What you can and can’t do with a concealed carry permit within the law is the most important thing for you to fully understand.

By choosing Tampa Carry our students receive our award winning Florida concealed carry course plus six amazing bonuses that will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe and responsible concealed carry permit holder in Tampa. For a limited time we also provide each student with a copy of my best selling book Florida Concealed Carry Law to really help you understand the law concerning owning and carrying a firearm. 

#3 Convenience 

The third thing you should consider is convenience. I’m sure you are extremely busy with work, kids and life. 

 This is the primary reason we developed our concealed carry course online. The goal was to simplify the process of obtaining your Florida concealed carry permit and help you avoid sitting through a two hour long in person lecture. Not to mention the fact that you just can’t retain all that important information in a two hour class. Our students have unlimited access to the online Florida Concealed Carry class and the Five Bonus online courses to help you fully understand what you can and can’t do within the confines of the law. 

We offer live fire appointments in the morning, evening, and weekends so no matter what,  you can fit it into your busy schedule. 

#5 Customer Service 

Recently a man contacted us who was very upset about the service that he had received.

“I scheduled my class for this Saturday. And then you send me a text message an hour before the class saying that you’re canceling because you don’t have enough students. Then I tried to contact you and you haven’t responded to my messages in four days.” The man said aggressively 

 “I’m sorry this is happening to you,” I said. “However you have reached Tampa Carry and we do not cancel courses and we respond to emails, text messages and live chats within minutes.” 

It turns out that this man registered for a course with another company. He was so happy with our speedy response that he immediately completed the Tampa Carry concealed carry course online and scheduled his live fire appointment for later that day. 

We also have live chat support available for you 24/7 and we're FAST...

customer review tampa carry

#5 Price 

In my opinion the price should always be the least important factor you consider. No one is happy with a crappy product or experience just because the price was low. However we also wanted to avoid charging a ridiculous price like some instructors do. Instead at Tampa Carry we focus on providing a world class experience for a fair price of $59. 

How Long Is The Florida Concealed Weapons Class?

Our Florida Concealed Weapons Class in Tampa is broken down into two parts; the online training and the live fire appointment. 

Online Training

The online portion of the class is 30 minutes long and will cover the most important topics that every person needs to know about carrying a firearm in the state of Florida. You can view the full length in depth version of the concealed carry class anytime in your student account. 

Live Fire Appointment

After you complete the online portion of the class you will need to schedule your live fire appointment. During the live fire appointment you will be able to ask your NRA Instructor any questions you have about the online portion of the training, shoot a .22 handgun  and receive your certificate of training. The live fire portion of the class is approximately 30 minutes long and is included in the $59 class fee.

How Much Does The Concealed Weapons Permit Class In Tampa Cost?

The Tampa Carry concealed weapons permit class in Tampa is $59, and for a limited time, you can watch the online portion of the training for FREE… 

Click Here To Get Started Watching Now Here >>

When you are ready to schedule your live fire training simply pay $59 to gain instant access to our online scheduling tool,  and special bonuses. 

What Does The Concealed Weapons Permit Class In Tampa Include?

Most concealed carry permit classes provide the bare minimum to their students. They provide a basic course and send their students out into the world with little to no understanding of Florida concealed carry law. At Tampa Carry we wanted to ensure that our students have a deep understanding of the law so that they can make good decisions during a violent attack. Because let's be honest, prison sucks. We also wanted to exceed the Florida concealed carry training requirements. 

When you choose Tampa Carry you will receive instant access to six award winning courses that will help you develop the proper mindset as well as a deep understanding of Florida gun law.

These bonuses include;

Bonus # 1: When To Use Your Firearm In Home Defense
In this online course students will go through the Florida Castle Doctrine law so they know exactly what it says about when you can use,  or threaten the use of deadly force AND non-deadly force.

Bonus #2: The Experts Guide to Traveling With Guns 

This is the definitive guide to transporting and traveling with a firearm. Includes: Traveling and transporting a firearm in your personal vehicle, what to do when you get pulled over by the police, traveling with your firearm to another state and transporting guns at the airport or on a plane.

Bonus #3: The Right & Wrong Way To Carry A Gun

If carrying your gun is uncomfortable, then you’re repositioning it constantly throughout the day or sticking it in your glove box, desk drawer etc. If you do this just three times a week going to stores etc., you have created 156 opportunities for a negligent discharge or accidental shooting.

Bonus #4: Florida Concealed Carry Law Book For a Limited Time Only

Choosing to conceal carry a firearm is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A minor misunderstanding of Florida law could place you in prison for years or even life.

This book was written to help you better understand Florida firearms law without the legal nonsense that confuses so many people.

How Are The Concealed Weapons Permit Classes In Tampa Scheduled?

We wanted to make this process extremely easy for our students. After you complete the online portion of the class you will receive access to our online scheduling tool. This tool allows you to view our upcoming schedule and choose the best day and time to complete your live fire appointment. With multiple locations to choose from it has never been this fast, easy or convenient to complete your Concealed Carry Class in Tampa in or Brandon.

After you schedule your live fire appointment you will receive an email confirmation with the date, time and location of your appointment. This email will also allow you to reschedule or cancel your appointment quickly and easily. 

Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit In Tampa

It seems as if the world is becoming more and more dangerous each and every day. Most people wait until after they are the victims of a violent attack before they take the step to protect themselves and others

Don’t make the same mistake. Get your Florida concealed carry permit today by choosing Tampa Carry

Talk to you soon,

Ryan G. Thomas

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Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan believes a trained and aware citizen is the best way to minimize crime, victims and senseless acts of violence. Ryan is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a father of three beautiful children. Ryan and his wife Tiffany met while doing inner city ministry for Operation Explosion in Tampa 12 years ago. He is passionate about God, his family, and his community. Ryan has a passion for the 2nd amendment and believes all Americans should have the right and ability to protect themselves and their families.

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