Firearm Training Classes Perfect For Beginner To Expert

We Will Help You On Your Journey To Becoming a Safe & Responsible Firearms Owner

Professional Firearm Training Classes in Tampa, and Brandon With An NRA Certified Instructor

Concealed Carry Masterclass™

Perfect for anyone who would like to get their concealed carry permit.

This class is for everyone; beginners are welcome. We provide everything you need to complete your class for $59. Complete the Free 45-Minute Online video and schedule an appointment.

Get Certified Same Day With Tampa Carry

Beginners Guide To Firearms™

Perfect For Beginners to Notice Looking to Build a Firm Foundation.

Develop the training skills you need to be a safe and responsible gun owner. Learn in-depth through our proprietary course and one hour shooting class how to operate a firearm safely, firearm malfunctions, storage, safety, and more.

Beginners VIP Gold™

Perfect For Beginners Who Want To Build Extreme Confidence

How To Master Gun Safety, Crush Your Fears and Gain ROCK SOLID Shooting Skills...

(even if you don't have a gun and have no idea where to start...) The Beginners VIP Gold is the Ultimate Shpoting Package for anyone serious about being confidemt in their skills.

Diamond Private Range Experience™

Perfect For Anyone Who Would Like One-On-One Training

One-on-one range training tailored to you. From beginners to experts, we'll access your needs and help you get to the next level. Perfect for anyone wanting to understand proper shooting techniques and fundamentals with personal attention.


Advanced Shooting Classes

21 Day Dry Firearm Challenge workbook
21 Day Dry Fire Challenge™ Workbook & Course

Perfect For Intermediate

Ar15 Secrets Building manual
AR15 Secrets No B.S. Guide Book & Course

Perfect For Everyone

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