About Getting Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit

Do I need to take a class to get my Florida Concealed Carry Permit?

Yes, the state of Florida requires you to take a safety course taught by an NRA certified Instructor in order to apply for your Florida concealed weapons permit. You can start watching our state-approved Free Concealed Carry Class video taught by NRA Certified Instructor Ryan G. Thomas right now.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my booking?

No problem, we understand life is unpredictable.

If you need to reschedule or you can reschedule right inside your booking confirmation email you received when you booked your class. Near the bottom of the confirmation email there is a link where you can view, change or cancel your booking.  You can easily find emails from us by searching "Tampa Carry" in your email search box.

You may also call or text 813-545-1798 and we will be happy to assist you.

Is your Instructor NRA certified?

Yes, Ryan is an NRA and USCCA certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. You can read more about Ryan here >>

I am a beginner, is that okay?

Yes, no problem!  We all start somewhere right?

Your instructor understands that many of our students are beginners and we promise he will be kind, patient and understanding with you.

How do I know if I am eligible to get a Florida Concealed Carry License?

There are several things that can disqualify you from getting a Florida concealed carry permit. The is no background check beforehand that you can take before applying but we've written an article that covers the factors that would disqualify you.  Check here if you're eligible for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit >> 

What is the process to get a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit?

These are the exact steps you will need to take to obtain your Florida concealed carry permit.  

Step 1:  Watch our online Florida concealed carry class and schedule your live fire appointment. The State requires you to take a concealed carry class taught by an NRA Instructor, and provide proof of training. You will receive your proof of training certificate immediately after watching our online class and completing your live fire appointment. 

Step 2: Get your fingerprints taken at your local Sheriff's office.  This is free at most Sheriff's offices, some will charge $5. 

Step 3:  Submit your application, fingerprint card and passport photo (we can take your passport photo at your live fire appointment) to the state and wait for your permit to arrive in the mail. 

We can help you with the application process at your live fire appointment if you need assistance. 

Can I take the class if I am pregnant?

I am sorry, if you're pregnant, you cannot complete the live fire portion of the class. 

You will need to wait until after the baby is born to complete the live fire. It is unsafe to have any lead exposure while pregnant. We do have students who sign up and complete the online portion of the class and wait to complete the live fire unitl after the baby is born. 

Congratulations  :) 

Can I access the online courses more than once?

Yes! We pay a lot of money so our students can have the best! After signing up, you can login to your student account anytime, day or night and rewatch the concealed carry class or any of the 3 bonus courses over and over again. Our system will even save your spot so you can pick up where you left off!

Is this class legit?

Sounds funny...but we get this exact question a lot!

Yes, we are "legit" our class is Guaranteed to be accepted by the state of Florida to obtain your Florida concealed weapons permit. We wouldn't have over 80,000 YouTube Follows and 1000's of 5-Star reviews if we were a bunch of scammers :)

 We are a family owned and operated business and live right here in the Tampa Bay area with our three children. Read more about Ryan in the media here >>

Do you offer in-person Concealed Carry Classes?

Our concealed carry class is a hybrid of online and in-person.

Even before COVID we were offering our Hybrid online class and it soon became more popular than our in-person class. 

People had the idea that they wouldn't learn as much online as they would in-person but they soon realized they hybrid online class was much more convenient and helpful. Instead of trying to remember everything the Instructor covered, like VERY important laws  they could now login to their student accounts at anytime and review the safety material and laws as they needed in the future.

You are still required to attend the in-person live fire appointment so the course is not 100% online. 

Plus, with our online class you get an additional 3 bonus classes.

The bonus classes include;

✅ When to use a firearm in Home Defense
✅ The Right & Wrong Way to Carry a Gun
✅ The Experts Guide to Traveling with Guns

Are online concealed carry classes legal in Florida?

The state of Florida requires that you shoot a real gun, with real ammunition in order to qualify for a concealed carry license.  

They do allow for the classroom portion of the safety class to be taught online but in order to complete the required shooting portion, you would need to do that in person. Be very careful of "other companies" offering classes for lower rates but not meeting the states requirements and using air-soft or other non-qualifying devices.

Typically these companies will offer their classes at hotels or other rented spaces, or ask you to pay a large fee for the "certificate" without providing the live fire portion. After payment you will be stuck with a useless certificate until you complete the life fire portion. They typically stick you with a hefty $100-$200 bill to complete the live fire :(

Our online class is all-inclusive, the online and in-person live fire appointment is a one-time fee of $79.

What documents do you need for a concealed weapons permit in Florida?

It's really easy to get a Florida concealed carry permit. Here are the documents you will need:

1. Picture ID, a state ID card or drivers license are acceptable. Even out of state I.d's are accepted.

2. Copy of a certificate or training document that confirms you have completed a firearms safety class taught by an NRA Instructor (we provide this at your live fire appointment) 

3. If you had a recent name change in the past 6 months you will a marriage certificate, divorce documents or court documents.

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