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What Weapons Can I Carry With a Florida Concealed Carry Permit?

November 11, 20221 min read

If you have your Florida concealed carry permit you've probably wondered "What types of weapons am I legally allowed to carry concealed?"

Florida Concealed Carry Laws outline five items that we are allowed to conceal with a Florida concealed carry permit. Here's what the law says;

Florida Statutes 790.06(1) … For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife or billie, but the term does not include a machine gun...

Five Different Weapons...

According to this statute we are only allowed to carry a;

  1. Handgun

  2. Stun gun or Taser

  3. Pepper spray

  4. Knife

  5. Baton

A handgun would include any pistol including an AR-15 or AK pistol in my opinion.

It would be really difficult to conceal carry an AK pistol, but it would be cool.

You Need Other Options...

I believe everyone should carry a non-lethal self-defense option. Your only two self-defense options shouldn't be to do nothing or to kill someone. You need something in the middle, like pepper spray, a taser, or a baton.   

If you haven't gotten your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit yet, I can help.

That's all I have for today. So until next time keep training and stay safe...

Ryan G. Thomas

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Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan believes a trained and aware citizen is the best way to minimize crime, victims and senseless acts of violence. Ryan is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a father of three beautiful children. Ryan and his wife Tiffany met while doing inner city ministry for Operation Explosion in Tampa 12 years ago. He is passionate about God, his family, and his community. Ryan has a passion for the 2nd amendment and believes all Americans should have the right and ability to protect themselves and their families.

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