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Why I Decided to Get My Florida Concealed Carry Permit

Why I Decided to Get My Florida Concealed Carry Permit

April 03, 20213 min read

What's Up Sheepdogs? Ryan here with Tampa Carry.

My entire life, my plan was to get my Florida concealed carry permit the day I turned 21 because I just thought it was cool. As that day drew near, I realized I might have a problem. My wife was angry and scared at the idea of having a gun in the house and around our kids. This was my fault for marrying a Canadian. ;) 

He Has a Gun
Early one July Sunday morning, I was sitting at the back of our church when I noticed a man walk in wearing a long, black leather trench coat. Now, I shouldn't have to tell you that a thick trench coat in the middle of July in Florida makes no sense at all. So, this naturally raised some red flags for me. I watched the man as he walked down the row checking to see if the side doors were locked. Then he walked up to an emergency exit, which was clearly labeled "alarms will sound," and pushed it open. The alarms went off, and all the people were looking around, confused at what was happening. 

One week earlier, a man had walked into a church service in Georgia and shot the pastor right in the chest as he was preaching, killing him instantly. Just imagine, I had been watching this news story on TV for the last week, and now it appeared to be happening at my church. 

"Ryan You Have To Do Something"
As I was sitting in service, a staff member slapped me on the shoulder and said, "Ryan, we think that guy may be an active shooter. Go to the children's building, tell them what's happening, and secure the building.” I jumped up, ran next door, and began locking all the doors and placing volunteers to guard each door. I decided that I would guard the main entrance, which was completely made of glass. As I was standing next to the glass wall, I thought to myself, “This whole wall is glass; what am I going to do if this guy shoots through the glass?” At that moment, I realized I had made a very stupid and critical mistake. The wolf was at the door, and I was the sheep: baaaaaa! 
Thankfully, there were two police cars at church to help with parking, so the assailant was detained quickly before anyone was hurt.

I Found My "Why"
After this situation was over, I drove straight to a gun store and purchased my first gun, a Glock 19. I found my "why" that day. My “why” was to never again allow myself to be in a situation where people could die and I couldn't do anything to stop it.

I’ve spent the last 16 years training and preparing myself for the next time I may be in a similar situation. I train for more than just how to carry and use my firearm. I educate myself in emergency trauma care, intuitive awareness, defensive shooting fundamentals, and much more. I have my gun every day, 100% of the time I'm legally allowed to carry. That day, I decided to learn and train how to protect myself, my family, and others around me.

That's all I have for today. So until next time keep training and stay safe...

Ryan G. Thomas

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