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Do I Have to Register My Firearms in Florida?

February 18, 20213 min read

What's Up Sheepdogs? Ryan here with Tampa Carry.

Do I have to register my firearms according to Florida Concealed Carry Laws? This question is very common I receive, and when I get asked, it usually signifies that an individual has moved from an anti-American state like New Jersey, New York, or Illinois.

Not only do we not have to register our firearms in Florida; it’s also illegal for any government entity to try. 

Firearm Registration Is Illegal According to Florida CCW Laws...

Florida Statutes 790.335 Prohibition of registration of firearms; electronic records.— (1)(a) The Legislature finds and declares that:

1. The right of individuals to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under both the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and s. 8, Art. I of the State Constitution.

2. A list, record, or registry of legally owned firearms or law-abiding firearm owners is not a law enforcement tool and can become an instrument for profiling, harassing, or abusing law-abiding citizens based on their choice to own a firearm and exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the United States Constitution. Further, such a list, record, or registry has the potential to fall into the wrong hands and become a shopping list for thieves.

3. A list, record, or registry of legally owned firearms or law-abiding firearm owners is not a tool for fighting terrorism, but rather is an instrument that can be used as a means to profile innocent citizens and to harass and abuse American citizens based solely on their choice to own firearms and exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

A Right Granted by God...

Owning and possessing a firearm is a right granted to us by our Creator, and the State of Florida has no reason to know who is exercising that right. One significant provision is that any person or entity that violates this law can be prosecuted. 

Florida Statutes 790.335(4)(a) Any person who, or entity that, violates a provision of this section commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

What Happens after I Purchase a Firearm?

When you purchase a firearm from a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL), the form you have to complete is called an ATF Form 4473. This is just a form used to document the purchase of a firearm.

The paperwork must be kept on file at the gun store for 20 years after the purchase. ATF is allowed to request a copy of this form, but only during a criminal investigation.

That means the only two people who know what firearm you purchased are you and the gun dealer, which is the way it should be!

That's all I have for today. So until next time keep training and stay safe...Talk to you soon,

Ryan G. Thomas

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Ryan G. Thomas

Ryan believes a trained and aware citizen is the best way to minimize crime, victims and senseless acts of violence. Ryan is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a father of three beautiful children. Ryan and his wife Tiffany met while doing inner city ministry for Operation Explosion in Tampa 12 years ago. He is passionate about God, his family, and his community. Ryan has a passion for the 2nd amendment and believes all Americans should have the right and ability to protect themselves and their families.

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