We Are Sheepdogs

The Sheepdog Manifesto

I AM A Sheepdog

I Have A Subconscious And Moral Burden To Protect And Help The People Around Me.

I Believe In Safety, Responsibility, And The God-Given Right To Defend Myself And Others From The Wolves Who Seeks To Steal, Kill And Destroy…

I Defend The Second Amendment By Properly Representing What It Means To Be A Gun Owner.

I Will Put Aside My Doubts, My Fears, And My Excuses.

I Will Be Trained, I Will Be Ready, I Will Be Confident, And I Will Be Prepared.

While Some Sheepdogs Are Born, Most Are Made. Becoming A Sheepdog Is A Choice, A New Way Of Thinking, And A New Identity.

An Alter-Ego That You Must Step In To…

We Are Patriots…

We Are Defenders of Liberty…

We Protect Those We Love…

We Are Sheepdogs


✅ We live and work in the community, and all of our training is conducted at our private training locations.

✅ We will always be patient with you as you are learning this new skill.

✅ We will never talk down to women. We want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

✅ We leave politics out of our training because everyone has the right to protect their loved ones from evil.

✅ We want new shooters to feel empowered after a lesson. This is why our students start with a small caliber, like 22 LR, 380 ACP, or 9mm.


❌ They are fly-by-night instructors from other states who teach classes in a hotel room.

❌ They yell and cuss at their students for making the smallest mistakes.

❌ They mansplain and look down on women.

❌ They bring politics into their training, making it uncomfortable for students who do not share the same political beliefs.

❌ They cut corners or break rules by having students shoot air-soft guns, or simulation rounds that are NOT approved by the State of Florida.

Can You Imagine Having The Peace Of Mind

That You Know How To Handle A Firearm Without The Fear Of An Accidental Shooting?
Ryan and Tiffany Thomas Owners Tampa Carry










On Your Journey To Becoming a Safe and Confident Owner
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